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Safety benefit of oil and gas if not be recovered and the gas diffusion in oil and Taiwanarea, and then mixed with the air, is easy to form gas explosion, due to oil and gas production is larger is extremely detrimental to safe operation of oil, one not careful easy to cause combustion and explosion. After the recovery of the oil table to eliminate the safe production of a very important risk factors. Production operation after the transformation of oil and gas recovery process shorter, process conditions and easy operation operator 2 people in each class can ensure the normal operation of the device.
It is feasible to use the existing equipment to use diesel oil to absorb oil www.hreqi.com   and gas by analyzing and demonstrating the safety of the gas, the processing capacity of the device, the calculation of the heat balance of the process equipment and so on. In order to further improve the performance of the device, the proposed:
(1) at the same time to start the 2 pumps to increase the absorption dose, the diesel tower temperature to a minimum, assuming a 32 c, calculated by the analog recovery can be increased by 20Okg/h. However, the circulating water needs to be mentioned in 3ot/h, the area of the two stage heat exchanger needs to be increased by 30 4OmZ.
(2) improve the blower pressure increase in absorption tower pressure, so as to improve the absorption rate.
(3) the use of water as a jet of fluid force, can save diesel cycle, through the transformation to improve the separation capacity of the liquid separation tank, so that the separation of water and diesel completely.
 (4) to try to reduce the absorption temperature of diesel fuel, so as to improve the efficiency of the absorption tower.

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