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  从腐蚀介质分析及实际腐蚀情况判断,吸收稳定系统腐蚀基本上属于H:S一HZO型低温腐蚀,换热器腐蚀形态表现为碳钢均匀减薄、氢鼓泡和硫化物应力腐蚀开裂。在有水存在的条件下,HZS溶于水中形成酸性腐蚀介质,其主要反应为:Fe H25一FeS H:

From the analysis of corrosive medium, corrosion case judgment, absorption and stabilization system corrosion essentially belongs to the low temperature corrosion of H2S HZO, morphological erosion performance as a homogeneous carbon steel cut thin, bubbling hydrogen sulfide and should stress corrosion cracking. In the presence of water, HZS soluble in water to form an acid corrosion medium, the main reaction is: H25 FeS a H Fe:


(1) the is effective to remove the H from the air pressure machine, which can effectively remove the concentration of the corrosive medium, and reduce the corrosion degree of the equipment. Also in the equipment manufacturing and installation process should pay attention to reduce the stress level, the tower body should carry on the whole heat treatment, tower internals selection 18 8 stainless steel material.


(2) in order to eliminate caused by spontaneous combustion of iron sulfide safety hazards, we in 2000 overhaul during the period of suspension in absorption and stabilization system trial of iron sulfide passivation agent can effectively remove the equipment on the product structure of the FESinorganic, and produces no deposition in the equipment, does not produce waste gas, waste residue and emissions meet environmental protection requirements. The inner wall of the tower and the heat exchanger www.hreqi.com   tube bundle have noFeSsediment, and the peculiar smell in the device is obviously reduced, and the effect is obvious.


Environmental benefits (1) after the oil and gas recovery, oil and gas is no longer discharged into the atmosphere, it is conducive to improving the quality of the atmosphere. (2) is conducive to the implementation of cleaner production, to protect the health of workers. (3) to control the main environmental factors, to achieve the requirements of the 1501400 environmental protection system, so that the oil stage to achieve the gradual implementation of health, safety, environmental integration.

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